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Books about Sir Henry Morgan

Discover Sir Henry Morgan’s life in the following novels:

"The Golden Cup" by John Steinbeck, Gallimard (Collection : Folio - N° 3073).

In the mid-XVII century, a 15 year-old boy, HM, born in Wales went aboard a ship bounded to Jamaica. He dreamt to become the greatest captain in England. His iron will-power allowed him to reach the status of the most dreadful but also the most glorious buccaneer ever known on the Tortoise Isle and in Gonova.

When he reached the age of 30, as a celebration to his achievements, he decided to take over the Golden Cup, Panama, the powerful Spanish town.

Meanwhile, his thirst for glory was like strong desire to reach the moon, to be able to feel, one must keep a childish soul. After he has conquered and burnt the city, his childish soul definitively abandoned him, and he came back later, as the vice-governor of Jamaïca, loaded with honour and wealth, he was just a bored man whose greatest fear was domestic rows.

This adventure novel is engrossing, sumptuous, deep and unveils an unknown feature of Steinbeck’s style in France, the style of a novelist with a sharp sense about the sea and history.

Traduced by Jacques Papy.


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