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Famous French singer ("Les Elucubrations", "Je l’appelle Canelle", "Touchez pas à la mer",...), writer (Iles...était une fois", "Amoureux de la Terre",...) et video director ("Iles...était une fois").

Since 1989 he has been sailing on board the Banana Split : a catamaran of 12m50 by 6m50, weighing 12 tons, and painted in yellow. 

"L’île à Vache, " is miraculously green and wooded. You can walk under magnificent mango trees, along paths bordered by strange " penguin flowers " of a shiny white towards the market of the little town of " Madame Bertrand " or towards the somptuous beaches like that of "anse Dufour".

In Port Morgan an enterprising and audacious French couple, Didier and Françoise, who sailed here, are building bungalows and a lovely little hotel on the hillside covered in mango trees, pink laurels and coconut trees. The view is outstanding and the table is welcoming. The port of call is excellent for yachts, the perfect shelter and Didier and Françoise wait upon sailors hand and foot.

Find Antoine’s accounts of voyages on his : web site.



Yves and Constance have left France on a sail boat with their three children for a long-bound journey: the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and the exploration of the Indies. They lived during two years on their catamaran “Loren” and welcomed their fourth baby named Lorraine on the boat in the middle of their trip. Then they sailed towards new adventures to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, the Bahamas and Florida.

"During the afternoon we sail along the undulating green coast of " l’Île à Vache ".[…] The beaches are of a shiny white. We see a few typical thatched-rooved houses with pastel-coloured shutters. We are dazzled by the beauty of such an arrival. We go round the island and enter Caïcoc bay where Didier and Françoise, old seafarers decided to settle to set up a grandiose and audacious project : a marina with a hotel complex. It must be said that the bay is particularly well chosen : huge, deep, very well sheltered, surrounded by green hills. Didier and Françoise give us a warm welcome and would bend over backwards for us […] We go up the hill for a welcome drink at Didier`s where the view over the bay and our boats is wonderful in the evening light. We can understand why they chose to live here. We already feel that our stay will last longer than a day…"

Read the travel log on board Loren on the following web site : web site.


Sea Explorer AG

Klaus Keppler and his team, with the collaboration of the canadian Ocean Discovery Network discovered Henri Morgan’s boat, near our complex. The 16 members team lived in our complex from may, 1st to june, 23.

Sea Explorer AG returned in 2003, accompanying Spiegel TV, for the shooting of a film dedicated to Henry Morgan’s life which was spreaded(diffuseded) the 9th septembre on ZDF(in german).

Read the discovery story on the following web site. (in german)


Other guests

"We are filled up with dreamy images of our journey in PM that we spent with you, with friends and in this luxury nature on this magical island “not a cow Island at all”. We keep talking about it. We leave the Island but we already feel like coming back – that means a lot, doesn’t it ?"

"What a paradisiacal island! The landscapes and scenery make it look like a dream, an emotion enhanced by the contrast with the other sad reality which dominates other parts of Haiti. Thank you for taking care of this heaven on earth! I keep a great memory of your kindness and hope to come back very soon with friends."

"Now comes the end of your stay in Haiti. I leave with a strong feeling of sadness as usual, but I know that I will do everything I can to come back very shortly. I wish to thank you once more for your warm welcome and hospitality."

"I send you a short message to thank you for the 3 we spent at your resort…. And I will definitely come back for a longer stay."

"A small message to say Hello and what a wonderful time we had at your resort. It was such a peaceful and relaxing stay, far away from all the daily worries."

"With the cold coming back, the nostalgia o f the three days we spent in PM, comes back up to the surface. I thought that if I wrote to say Hello, it would smoothe the pain….Sincerely, my wife and children keep talking about our journey…"

"We wish you a long-term success and congratulate you for this magic place, where it is so easy to rest and relax and which honours our country. A special congratulation for your exceptional cuisine and your impeccable rooms."