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Aboslute relaxing

Far away from the stress of everyday life, relax in a special setting.
Slow down and take the time to ENJOY LIFE.

Here, there is no car, no noise and pollution of big cities: simply the peace.

Give way to the gentle caribbean way of life during the hot and quiet hours of the day.

The beach...
Discover the long ribbons of sand unspoilt by tourism. Bordered on one side by virgin tropical vegetation and on the other by the temperate waters of the caribbean.

You are invited to swim in the shallow cristal clear waters. Dink in the infinite blue of the sky and the sea.

Discover the marvels of " l’Île à Vache " (Cow Island) where fauna and flora have been preserved.

To start the day or "to recover" of a tiring day of holidays, discover the pleasures of a relaxing massage, in front of a brilliant sight of beauty.