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Movies about Sir Henry Morgan

Discover Sir Henry Morgan’s life in the following movies:

"The Black Swan" by Henry King (1942 - 1h27) with :

Tyrone Power - Maureen O’Hara - Anthony Quinn-George Sanders - Thomas Mitchell - Laird Cregar-George Zucco - Edward Ashley - Fortunion Bonanova-John Burtion.

Synopsis: The King of England grants an amnesty to all the pirates who promise to cease violenc. As he has become a respectable personality, the pirate Morganis promoted to the status of governor of Jamaica.

The Captain Billy Leech considers this as a treason and carries on his misdeeds. Morgan thus gives the order to his friend James Waring to seize him, but the traitor Ingram warns Leech beforehand.

As a result, Waring captures Ingram’s fiancée, Margarete Denby, the daughter of the former governo, he then rallies Leech and makes the latter believe that he is ready to fight on his side...


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