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News 2013 !

Port-Morgan has many innovation this year making i most friendly and unique day by day, we will continue with other project this year.

  • building of a luxury villa with 2 studios.
  • New Construction of a villa in co-ownership, coming soon.
  • Recovery of our Local Sailboats race

Usually as every year, the “Hispaniola regatta Tour” will make his stop at Port Morgan Hotel.


Next year, in partnership with the Comity in charge of the development of the Ile à Vache, yacht races will take place. Leave with us to get some more information!!!

Development of the Isle

This year is synonymous of changes for the Ile à Vache. This evolution is based both on the discovery and the ecological preservation of the area.

  • A space for an open-air market and a public place have been built at Madame Bernard
  • Establishment of a public lighting system consisting in 60 electricity pylons fitted with solar panes.
  • Setting up of 26 mixed cooperatives (organisation among local suppliers and resources)
  • Establishment of a system of solar ovens to stop the deforestation in partnership with the municipality of Ile-à-Vache.
  • Setting up of 26 mixed cooperatives (organisation among local suppliers and resources)
  • Farms project

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