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Submarine History

The Isle has kept many tracks of its tumultuous past. And here, there still remains relics of the past : wrecks, canons, anchors and certainly a lot more...


The reefs surrounding the area of the Ile à Vache have witnessed more than 200 vessels sinking through the centuries. That makes as many places to discover in every sense of the term.

The Anchor of the Blue Nose

A famous Canadian racing sail boat which sank in the “reef of the Folle” in the 1940’s, the Blue Nose was the fastest schooner at the time. Now its calcified load and its over-sized anchors lie by 30 feet deep at the bottom of the sea.

The Mystery

Many unknown events remain today in the history of the Ile à Vache. Port Morgan has always been a strategic location for all the explorers of the area.