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Come and have an exceptional time in Port Morgan!

Whether it is for a special celebration or any time in the year, Port Morgan will allow you to experience wonderful moments...

International New Year’s Eve Celebration

The secret for an unforgettable party:

  • Take a few guests from different countries and from all ages, Bermudas, Spain, France, USA, Haïti…
  • Make them fly away with a very tasty Asiatic meal from the Celestial Empire
  • To have a wonderful atmosphere, invite an orchestra with troubadours and make them play Creole music (to visit the blog of the band Ti Coca)
  • And the temperature gets very high until the 12 strokes of midnight, under the fireworks and later afterwards…..

Honey Moon in Paradise

The life of a couple is paid by small attentions and by unforgettable moment. Picture yourself ... a beach of fine sand, two lovers and only the sun to look for them ... Make your first step together with a Caribbean taste.

A dream to live in pair, surrounded by turquoise water.